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by pb and J

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These are leaks from the upcoming pb&J project. pb&J is comprised of ReVeaL and Upright. 1 Mc and 1 Producer and a BIG GOD, Jesus The Christ.Hence pb&J,This magnificent mixture goes together like perfectO !


released September 7, 2012

All Rhymes written and spit* by ReVeaL
All Beats banged out by Upright



all rights reserved


ReVeaL Hesperia, California

On my Isaiah 59:19

Real Hip Hop still has a Heartbeat*

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Track Name: pb&J ReVeaL|Rhymez|Upright|Beats - The Ugly
I fell down
Told a few in the church to keep a closed mouth
But it circulates quick in my town
God told me clearly demons are jackin for crowns
I guess this colorful jacket
Got monsters hiding under my mattress
I keep seeing white owls
Feeling like a failure
No job.... no house.....
Red eyed, Staring at my family in a dirty motel room
Hoping this trial ends soon
Feeling like a goon
Resorted back to the distorted
Dabbled in the morbid
But i just couldn't forfit!
Im violent!, I force it!
Feeling the forces
My Pops always told me "God forbid"

Conspiracies just distractions from the serpent
That old culprit
Pastor behind the pulpit
Pulling me out the cold pit!
Of course its!
Still about the LORD my fortress!

Just cause I fell, don't mean I'm falling off
My flesh don't like carrying my cross
That's how you know that your carrying your cross, It's not comfy!
im no stranger to....... THE UGLY
Track Name: pb&J ReVeaL|Rhymez|Upright|Beats - That's Insanity

We be that hard path to follow
The new act
They be like who's that?
We be like "CHRIST" to be exact!
Go ahead pull it back, extract God from my rap!
Look pass the man behind the mic!
Despite all the narcotic nights
I still got some screws in tight!
Reveal...lead you to the light...
Like a stairway to The Sun
God hung
Till The Cross collapsed His lungs
He souped us up like wonton
Reborn, new song, rap you up like python
And squeeeze...
Old man be gone
We stay away from the worldy ways
We do it YHWY
His way's , heavens highway, your way? Hell to pay!
So pay up!
The Truth is you don't got enough dividends for the
Forgiveness of sins
Im His assistant
Witness the difference
Intricate, Infinite, limitless, omniscient, omnipotent !
The ultimate vantriloquist
He alone hold's immortality

That's Insanity
Track Name: pb&J ReVeaL|Rhymez|Upright|Beats - <<>>Epic Pro+Portions<<>>
Dont panic, this worlds eratic!
But like God pointing the finger will manage 
Going against the grain like playing chicken in bad traffic
Like seeing red and blue in your rear view 
Upright beats make ya stomach drop
Like Gorillas and lions loose!
At the L.A ZOO...
Were here, who?
Pb& Hey zuu, still blasting!
Treating the verse like hard work, turning the ratchet
Stretching....tying are laces tight
Sweating..... running the race of our lives!!!
Its sad, in the process im losing friends...
Left and right, In the hole......
But straight up and down
Theres a friend who sticks closer then a brother
Plus, He has the power to  save your soul!
Sovereign, meaning He ain't giving up the remote
And im placing all my money on that...
Cause the pursuit of American cheese is a trap...
So ta Jehovoah, I put my hands up like freeze.....
It's my way of giving Him daps
No matter how hard Ive tried, I cant go back...
Benjamin franklins about to collapse
The biggest stock market crash
What happens when you gotta pay 6,7 dollars for a gallon on gas?
When you need to take the mark of the beast to continue on food stamps?
So in the secret place, hold meetings with Jesus face to face
Storing up oil for your lamp...(to succeed)
Please read and BELIEVE..believe.
Track Name: pb&J ReVeaL|Rhymez|Upright|Beats|Hook - Demons
Upright: The demons hate it when your holding your ground /
yo They wanna pull you down to the ground / a yo They're mad cuz we wont back down and they hate us cuz were ripping em now.

ReVeaL: No such things as ghost, NOPE!
That's a fallen angel, turned demon...
Cuz 1/3 of the angels followed the devil...
When he was thrown out of heaven..
Cuz he was stupid enough to let his pride go puff..
Thinking he could be God in his rebellion!
So now they lurked the earth cursed!
Doing they're best to keep you out the church..
They deceive in all shapes, forms and sizes
Leading you str8 to hell!, they're assignment!
Track Name: pb&J ReVeaL|Rhymez|Upright|Beats - Out My System
1st verse

While you sleeping
Im still sharpening the skill
chopping wood, ready to build
Deadly Rhymesman
I spit to kill the deception of D'eville
like Jack and Jill i'm up the hill
Holding on to whats real
Because I want to make Heaven my home
Like my Pastor Bill Neil
Im swerving in the Spirit
Letting JESUS take the wheel.....
I cant make you feel what i feel
But I'm a do my best representing the blessed from the west...
This world had me deceived
But the SON set me free indeed
wishing the brethren Godspeed
Moving Godly
Because His Agape got me
Keep me ON REPEAT like ya folly
So you can wake up and smell the coffee
Rodger copy?
Jesus Christ is waiting to accept your apology
I don't just punchline
Part of my policy
Is to make sure my rhymes punch ya mind unconsciously
Till the point you hear spiritually...


This ONE
I had to get OUT MY SYSTEM
Luring souls in wit the lyricism
Staying busy in His Kingdom
By playing on your eardrums
Those that listen...
God I pray you save em
So your HOLY SPIRIT can get all up in em...

2nd Verse

HiS Words out to accomplish
Chain effect music
The TRUTHS hard to adjust to because you a'int use to it
Time to break the SPELL
I'm a stay a threat to hell and death a'int pumping no fear
This GOSPELS gon be preached
whether I'm there, here or the end of the sphere
Deeply rooted
My life stands firm on CHRIST SIDE
It will divide, open eyes, shake cities...
Final destination HEAVEN
and I'm taking as many souls wit me
Yeah...i know he's craft and tricky
But i'm soaking and dripping in GODs blood
So satan cant kill me....you feel me?
The probability...not really
Because I'm talking in SAINT SLANG
To feel this, you need to know THE KING intimately!!!
This is LAST LEVEL rhyming
and The Game I already BEAT IT
When I stopped living for myself and gave my life to JESUS!!!
The pictures been painted....I HOPE YOU SEE IT

The pictures been painted....I HOPE YOU SEE IT

The pictures been painted....I HOPE YOU SEE IT!


This ONE
I had to get OUT MY SYSTEM
Luring souls in wit the lyricism
Staying busy in His Kingdom
By playing on your eardrums
Those that listen...
God I pray you save em
So your HOLY SPIRIT can get all up in em...